Augoeides has shut down.

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Was this to do with the EULA / the Devs?

The devs are great people who put a lot of love into making Augoeides as good as possible. If you haven't read the full post, please do so for context.

Why is my character progress gone on the new server?

A developer decided to host her own Alter server unnoticed without any official announcement or any internal staff discussions. So they were 2 server instances running at the same time, unsynchronized, hence the progress you have in this domain may not be the same on the new domain.

When did the database stop syncing?

22th of April 2019. Exact time is not known.

What happened to the money from donations?

Any left over money that was set aside to cover server costs has been given to Sri Lanka Red Cross Society, for Sri Lanka Bombing Victims.

Are you coming back?

No. I am 100% certain that I am not coming back.

Can I use the files and host my own Alter server?

Yes, they are available for download. The link is up for the next 30 days roughly until the server's bill is due.

It's been a wild ride, but unfortunately an unresolved dispute with another staff member going on led me to stop hosting Alter Dimension.

To everyone who supported us while we were running Augoeides, thank you for playing the game we built together.

A server transfer is being processed by the wonderful guys at the Please, be patient as I know firsthand that these things take time. Give them some appreciation as they put in a lot of hard work to serve the community.

I take this opportunity to let you all be reminded again that Flash, the very engine that powers the game, will no longer be supported in 2020, as the original AQWorlds too is dying. The flash game hype and excitements are no longer there as they used to be. The decline in players over the years may have to do with the fact the game just can't keep up with anything else people might play. It's close to 10 years now and AQW hasn't changed a whole lot. Yes, there's tons of new releases but when they all have the same format of fight monsters or click on blue arrows to advance to the next quest, it's no doubt considered boring.

If you're one of the talented developers or artists in this community, please reconsider your life choices and learn (or put your efforts into) something else. Anything that isn't Flash that will be much more significantly useful in your life later.

I'm sure a few of you may miss me, some may not, either way I'm sad to leave you all. But life has to move forward. Everything has its time, everything ends.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.
- Rin